[International Congress] The 2023 proposal for the modernization of obligations and contracts

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July 9, 2024

On July 9 and 10, 2024, we will celebrate, as a culmination of the monthly seminars held between January and June, the International Congress "The Proposal for the Modernization of the Civil Code on Obligations and Contracts of 2023. Some preliminary issues."

Within Congress, the legislative procedure with which the aforementioned reform of the CC could be undertaken, the question of jurisdiction, the relationship of the proposal with consumer protection legislation, with the law on general contracting conditions and with other laws. In addition, the relationship between the general theory of contract and the regulation of special contracts will be addressed. On the second day, Wednesday, July 10, the problems of transitional law will be presented if the proposal is approved, the issues of private international law and interregional law and, as a culmination, we will throw the following question into the air: is it time to code?

To discuss these topics we will have expert speakers from Spanish, Italian and French universities, given that throughout the presentation tables the topics will also be discussed from the perspective of comparative law.


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You can access the text of the Reform Proposal and review the research group's note here:

[Enlace] Nota sobre Propuesta de reforma del Código Civil Español

Propuesta de reforma


Communications on any of the congress topics related to the matters covered in the Modernization Proposal of the CC may be sent to the email address deconflictulegum.usc@gmail.com no later than June 21, 2024.
The communications list and text will be published on this web page. 
  • Length: Communications must be between 1500 and 3000 words.
  • Languages ​​of communication: The languages ​​used may be Spanish, Galician, Catalan, Portuguese, French, English or Italian.
  • Document format: DIN A4 size; font Arial, cambria or times new Roman 12; normal margins; in pdf format.
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